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Nursing Research Resources: Nursing Theories and Models

Nursing Theories and Models

Finding information about specific nursing theories or models can be as straightforward as searching the LRC's catalog or as in-depth as searching for published journal literature.

eBooks on Nursing Theory or Models

  • To find broad coverage on Nursing Theories or Models, click here to see a listing of print and electronic books.

Searching the Journal Literature for Nursing Models or Theories

CINAHL is the main database for indexed literature on or using nursing theories.

From the CINAHL search screen, click CINAHL Headings, enter nursing theory in the search box, and click Browse.


If you want a broad search, click the checkbox next to Nursing Theory and then click Search Database

  • Explode is automatically selected; this will include narrower subject headings under the selected term, e.g., Nursing Models, Theoretical.
  • Click on Major Concept for articles where the subject heading is the major focus of the article.
  • Subheadings allow you to focus on a specific aspect of the subject heading. The default is 'Include All Subheadings.'


Alternatively, you can select specific nursing theories/models. To do this, click on the Nursing Theory heading and then click on Nursing Models, Theoretical to view the listing of headings. From there, you can select specific theories to search.

To learn more about using CINAHL Headings, click here to view an online tutorial.

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