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This guide provides a listing of recommended resources.

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PubMed Search Tips - Using MeSH Terms

When using MeSH terms in a PubMed search there are a number of terms particularly appropriate for military topics:

PubMed Search Tips - Using Keywords Terms

When searching PubMed, it is best to use a combination of keywords and MeSH terms. The most recently published articles have not yet been indexed with MeSH terms and you will need to use keywords to retrieve those articles. Below is a search strategy using just keywords:

"air force" OR "armed forces" OR army OR "coast guard" OR combat OR marines OR military OR navy OR soldier* OR service member* OR ​servicemember* OR "special forces" OR warfighter

Also consider including the following terms:

  • airmen
  • deployed
  • "defence forces"
  • "defense forces"
  • deployment
  • "security forces"
  • veterans

Creating a Military-specific PubMed Filter

From PubMed, log into (or create, if necessary) your NCBI account.

In the "Filters" section, click "Manage Filters."

Click the button labeled "Create Custom Filter"

List terms that capture military or veteran topics, e.g.: "Military Personnel"[Mesh] OR "Military Facilities"[Mesh] OR "Military Nursing"[Mesh] OR "Military Science"[Mesh] OR "Military Hygiene"[Mesh] OR "Military Dentistry"[Mesh] OR "Hospitals, Military"[Mesh] OR "Psychology, Military"[Mesh] OR "Military Psychiatry"[Mesh] OR  "Military Medicine"[Mesh] OR "Veterans"[Mesh] OR "United States Department of Veterans Affairs"[Mesh] OR "Hospitals, Veterans"[Mesh] OR "Veterans Disability Claims"[Mesh] OR  "Veterans Health"[Mesh] OR "United States Department of Defense"[Mesh] OR  "Iraq War, 2003 - 2011"[Mesh] OR "War"[Mesh] OR "Gulf War"[Mesh] OR "Afghan Campaign 2001-"[Mesh] OR "Combat Disorders"[Mesh] OR  "Persian Gulf Syndrome"[Mesh] OR war OR military OR soldier* OR veteran* OR "military families"[mesh]

Provide a title/label for your search, and click "Save Filter"

Your filter will appear on the side of all PubMed searched conducted while you are logged into myNCBI.


Google Search Tips

When searching with Google, you can limit search results to only those websites that are put out by the DoD by adding after your search terms. Google will only return sites that were published on DoD websites. You may also use to restrict to only U.S. Government webpages.

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