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USUHS LRC Update, Spring 2015: Home

What's new in the LRC

Systematic Review Services

Are you starting a systematic review? Consider co-authoring with an LRC librarian! The LRC will help you identify appropriate databases and information sources to be searched, translate your research question into a well-developed search strategy, conduct the searches and deliver the search results using EndNote (a bibliographic management tool). The LRC’s reference department sets up search alerts for updates in each of the databases used and conducts reference checks for the selected studies. In addition, the librarian will author the literature search methodology section for the submitted manuscript. On average, it takes a trained librarian nearly 8 hours to conduct a systematic review search.1 Working with one of our expert searchers will help to ensure that you have conducted a comprehensive search of the literature. To learn more about our Systematic Review Collaboration Services, contact the LRC Reference Department at 391-295-3398.
1. Saleh AA, Ratajeski MA, Bertolet M. Grey Literature Searching for Health Sciences Systematic Reviews: A Prospective Study of Time Spent and Resources Utilized. 2014. 2014;9(3):23.

Document Delivery

  The LRC offers a document delivery service to unite USU faculty, staff, and students with articles and book chapters the LRC owns in print, but not electronically. Upon request, the LRC staff will retrieve a print journal or book from the library’s shelves, scan the pages, and email them to the requestor. This service is particularly useful for students and faculty who might be doing clinical work off campus. To use this service, please visit the LRC’s homepage, select the “Library Services” menu, and click on “Document Delivery.” The LRC asks that users limit their requests to one chapter per book or one article per journal volume at a time.

USU Archives Unveils a New Web Site


The USU Archives is excited to present all of our online content through a new web site using the LibGuides platform. You can visit the site at: The site will familiarize visitors with all the services, collections, and programs that the USU Archives has to offer. Through the new platform, users are seamlessly directed to all the digital content that the Archives provides, including photographs, videos, documents, and oral history transcripts. Please contact the Archives if you would like any more information about our services:


Top Ten Treasures in the USU Archives

The Top Ten Treasures in the LRC Archives collection are:


Number 10: 

Anatomical drawings: from the preparations in the Museum of the Army Medical Department at Chatham (Great Britain):

This book is a facsimile of the 1824 edition and features many detailed anatomical drawings regarding a variety of physical ailments.  Call number: QS G786a 1824-50.

Number 9: 

Cross-Section Anatomy by Albert C. Eycleshymer and Daniel M. Schoemaker:

This 1911 volume is one of several antique anatomy texts in the USU Archives’ Rare Book Collection and features vivid color plates.  Call number: QS 17 E97c 1911.


Number 8:

Rudolf Hess Collection, 1970-1991:

This collection of papers was donated to the USU Archives by General James L. Collins and includes meeting minutes and health reports from Hess’s incarceration in Spandau Prison, Berlin, Germany. Rudolf Hess was Adolf Hitler’s deputy in the Nazi Party during World War II. View the finding aid here:

Number 7: 

Mundus Subterraneus, in XII libros digestus, by Athanasius Kircher:

This copy of Athanasius Kircher’s Mundus Subterraneus is from 1678 and is one of the oldest and largest books in the USU Archives’ Rare Book Collection. Call number: Q 155 K58m 1678. E97c 1911.


Number 6: 

Taliaferro Kit:

These items come from the Dr. William H. Taliaferro and Lucy G. Taliaferro Collection, and include a money belt used by the couple on their travels, a variety of tools including a scalpel and two pocketknives, and a pair of glasses used to protect a user’s eyes while viewing an eclipse of the sun. Dr. Taliaferro and his wife were microbiologists.

Number 5: 

CADUSUHS Yearbooks:

The USU Archives maintains a collection of the USUHS yearbook (the CADUSUHS), ranging from 1980-2001.


Number 4: 

Hard Hat:

Mary Dix, former Assistant to the USU President for Special Projects wore this hard hat at the groundbreaking for Building E. Ms. Dix was instrumental in the planning and construction of Building E.

Number 3: 


Dr. Paul Casinelli, a member of the USU Charter Class of 1980 donated this "Charter Martyr" mug to the USU Archives.


Number 2: 

Congressional Act HR-2:

A copy of the Congressional Act HR-2 establishing USUHS, signed by President Richard Nixon, Speaker of the House Carl Albert, President of the Senate James D. Eastland, and F. Edward Hebert. One of the pens used by President Nixon is also framed with the Act.

Number 1: 

USU Alma Mater Sheet Music:

This is an original copy of the USUHS Alma Mater, signed by its writers Vincent Barnhart, William Denton, and Judith Denton (USUHS Class of 1995). The attached plaque reads: "Alma Mater. Original Manuscript. 1991."



New Study Carrels

<- Original Carrels


Construction on 60 new study carrels in the LRC has been completed. The study carrels replace the library’s popular double decker study carrels which were over twenty-five years old. Some of the carrels had been removed from use because they could no longer be repaired. The new carrels are similar to the old in some design aspects: they are still two stories and have built in chairs and desks, but feature improved soundproofing, thicker foam cushions, safer stairs to the upper decks, and will be certified for low emissions of VOCs.
New Carrels ->

The Patio Is OPEN

Finally, the weather is "spring-like" and the patio is routinely open.  Please try out our new patio furniture (pictured above)!  Cushions are available in the outdoor bin located nearby. Access is via the LRC's second floor, Monday through Thursday, 0900 - 1900 and Friday, 0900 - 1600.

Study Rooms

In light of the new CAC-reader installed at the LRC front door in January 2015, the LRC has adjusted its policy regarding the study rooms on the 2nd floor. During staffed service hours (0700 – 2300 on Mondays – Thursdays and 0700 – 1700 on Fridays), library users will continue to check out rooms by visiting the Circulation Desk.

Outside of staffed service hours (late nights, weekends, holidays, weather closings, etc.) the study rooms will be kept unlocked. During those times, please feel free to use the study rooms on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a reminder, on Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters, the study rooms may be reserved for prospective student interviews. On such days, the study rooms may be unavailable for checkout from 0900 – 1600.

Improved Link Resolution for OpenURL Databases

If you’ve ever searched with PubMed, you know that the search engine has intimate knowledge of our subscriptions at USUHS and they can generally provide seamless access to full text articles through a service called LinkOut. A number of our indexes to the published literature: Google Scholar, Web of Science, EMBASE, PsycINFO, UptoDate, etc. have no construct for USU to communicate it’s holdings and subscriptions but they DO rely on “Link Resolvers” to assist with full text retrieval through a open standard called OpenURL. LRC registers their Link Resolver with these indexes so that when a user selects an “openURL” link to full text, the service redirects the user back to our Link Resolver which determines the availability of the requested article and then either forwards the user to the resource or provides an alternate path such as requesting an Inter-library loan. OpenURLs can be very helpful but regrettably, the diverse interpretation of the standard by our many publishers does not always result in the satisfactory fulfillment of the requested article.

Our vendor for Link Resolution, Proquest, has leveraged the same knowledge base used for our Power Search technology to openly accept standard OpenURL requests but use proprietary relationships with a variety of vendors to significantly improve the user’s experience. The LRC activated this new feature for our users on March 24, 2015. We look forward to your feedback on its reliability and the refined user interface.

Rina and Tina Roberts Retired May 1

After a combined tenure of 64 years in government service, Rina and Tina Roberts retired from the LRC on May 1st. Rina worked at USU since 1982 while her twin sister, Tina, worked at the LRC since 1992. Tina and Rina were the powerhouses of the LRC’s Interlibrary Loan division, managing over 100,000 ILL transactions since January 2004. As technology has changed, Rina and Tina moved from an entirely paper based system of document requests, photocopies, and mailed documents to one where almost all requests are filed and filled electronically. In retirement “the twins” plan to spend time with their mother, move full-time to their home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and keep their pup Rocco out of mischief. Their coworkers will miss their monthly white-board murals, ready smiles, and unrivaled team spirit.

Tyler Brown Joins LRC Staff

Mr. Tyler R. Brown is the new Library Information Assistant in the LRC. Tyler has worked in the LRC as an intern in 2008 while he was attending school. Tyler attended Towson University in order to work towards a degree in Information Systems Technology. He worked for the Food and Drug Administration as a Library Aide in 2010 where he helped rebuild the FDA Collection in the Biosciences Library. Tyler also briefly worked for a startup company called DocsLinc as an inside sales representative. Realizing that working in sales was not something he wanted to continue to pursue, he has come back to work for the LRC. His personal interests include hiking, yoga and glassblowing.

Calendar Notes

Monday, May 25, 2015 is the Memorial Day federal holiday.    The LRC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patrons with a registered Common Access Card but the LRC staff will be unavailable during the holiday.

Points of Contact

  • Circulation/Renewals: 301-295-3350
  • Reference: 301-295-3358
  • Interlibrary Loan 301-4039
  • Archives: 301-295-0050
  • Computer Services: 301-295-3358
  • Administration: 301-295-3356
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