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Meeting Minutes

Some LAC files are available only to members. Please contact the LRC director to request access to the files.

LAC Membership

The LAC shall draw its members from faculty, staff, and students of the Uniformed Services University. Committee members are appointed by the President of the University. The initial Committee appointments will be staggered durations from one to three years, but all subsequent terms of service will be for three years for the Chair and faculty, and two years for students. Terms are renewable.

General Schedule

The LAC meets twice annually. 

The LRC Director will send out an LAC invite at least two weeks before each meeting. The LRC Director and LAC Chair will develop an agenda for each meeting indicating items to be discussed and any feedback received from the USU President's office on past recommendations of the LAC. This agenda will be distributed to the LAC one week before the scheduled meeting.
2) A quorum is represented by the attendance, in-person or using remote meeting technology, of at least five voting members. All Committee recommendations will be by a majority vote of attending members.
3) After each meeting, the Director of the LRC will prepare a report that documents the topics discussed and recommendations made during the course of the meeting. This report will be distributed to attending members within two weeks of the meeting. The Committee members may recommend changes or corrections. The report will be submitted for approval by electronic or online vote one week after its initial release to
reflect any corrections or changes. At least five voting members must approve the report; voting members who could not attend the meeting may still vote to approve the report. An electronic copy of the report will be linked to the LRC's website before the next LAC
meeting. The LRC Director and/or the LAC chair will present the report to the USU President and senior staff at the next available President's cabinet meeting, as identified by the President's office.

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