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Continuing Medical Education (CME) Resources: Home

DoD CE, CME, & CNE Accreditation

Before using these DoD resources, associate your CAC to your CME profile. You may do this by logging on to the CME website at . Click on the appropriate portal (CME Planners select "CME Planners", claim a certificate with "CME User Accounts", or register for a CME activity with "Activity Registration"). Enter your login ID & password. Click the Planner Home tab, then update Profile. Enter the 10 digit DoD ID from the back of your CAC under EPIDN field. Check all other fields for accuracy, then click "Update Profile." Once updated, click the "Home" tab. From this point onward, you should be able to log in with your CAC. 

Unfortunately the sites are still not able to be accessed without either a .mil computer or VPN selecting -MIL.  If you have any difficulties with DoD CME access, please e-mail


Army CME:

Navy CME/CNE -

Other DOD sources of CE credits are:

Army CNE -

Air Force CME -

Air Force CNE -

DHA J-7 CEPO Continuing Education Management System (CMS) -

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