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What is the √ThruUSU (CheckThruUSU) Bookmarklet?

Welcome to √ThruUSU


Discovery of online published literature in your field doesn't always begin with logging into your library's system and running a search.   Perhaps you receive a Table of Contents newsletter from an important online journal or a colleague sends you a link to a new article.  This is where √ThruUSU can help.

√ThruUSU is a special, tiny program called a bookmarklet that can be added by you to the Bookmarks (Favorites) Bar of most browsers.  Once installed, when you see a journal article web page that might be in our collection, click on the √ThruUSU bookmarklet.  Your page will be reloaded through the LRC's proxy system so that publishers will recognize that you are entitled to access through our library's subscriptions.  Just enter your ER username and password (or SSO or CAC) and help yourself to accessible content.

Of course, the LRC doesn't subscribe to everything.  If you use the √ThruUSU bookmarklet and the journal still rejects your request for full text, you can submit a request for an Interlibrary-Loan through our established protocols.

Install √ThruUSU

Install the √ThruUSU Bookmarklet


To install bookmarklet using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, drag the link "√ThruUSU"  below to your web browser's bookmarks toolbar.


If your browser's Favorites Bar is not showing, click the "View Favorites Toolbar Instructions" link for help.
  View Favorites Toolbar Instructions

CheckThruUSU was inspired by the "Reload via NYUHSL" bookmarklet featured by the NYU Health Sciences Library.
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