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Education Day 2022: Schedule of Events

June 15, 2022 0800 - 1130

Schedule (last updated June 8, 2022)

Time Presentation Authors (* Presenter)
0745 - 0800 Welcome * Guinevere Granite, PhD
Session 1    
0800 - 0820 Gamifying Medical education for GenZ Maj Justin Peacock, MD, PhD & Col Francis Cloran, MD, MS
0820 - 0840 Pandemic Education: Pre-Clerkship Case-Based Small Group Teaching Exercise on COVID-19 * Andrew Snow, PhD

0840 - 0900

Technology Facilitates Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Complex Interdisciplinary Case * Lt. Col Joshua Vess, DMD, MPH, MS
Session 2    
0900 - 0920 Teaching Medical Ethics at the School of Medicine at USUHS, 1977-2022. * Edmund "Randy" Howe
0920 - 0940 Accelerating Competency by Teaching in a Novel Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Clinic Lt Col Jeffrey Colburn, Lt Col Joshua Smalley & Chari McMahon
0940 - 1000 52 Hours in the Field: An Innovative Classroom Approach to Interdisciplinary Prolonged Casualty Care LCDR Eric Koch DO & CDR Daphne Morrison-Ponce, MD
Session 3    
1000 - 1020 Tips for Gender-Responsive Mentoring of Female Presenters April Fitzgerald, MD, MEd & R Dobbin Chow, MD, MBA & MS2 Carlie Skellington
1020 - 1040 Graduate School of Nursing Exemplars of Innovative Education Janice Williams, DNP, MSN, MTS, Khalilah McCants, DNP, MSN, Laura Taylor, PhD, RN & Heather Rivasplata, DNP, MPH
1040 - 1045 An Innovative Approach to Building Effective, Multi-Disciplinary Health Care Delivery Teams, Comprised of Transformational Leaders

Innovation Basic Science Award Winner: Beth Hawks

1045 - 1050 Operation Thunderbird: An Introduction to Tactical Combat Casualty Care Planning Innovation Clinical Award Winner: James Schwartz

Case Study Differential Diagnosis Tool: Real time visualization of collaborative clinical learning in 2nd year GSN students using Google Sheets

Teaching with Technology Award Winner: Dr. Rivasplata, Dr. Johnson, Maj Beatty, & Lt Col Best
1100 - 1120 Final Q & A All lecturers and award winners
1120 - 1130 Closing Remarks, Thank you! * Guinevere Granite, PhD


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