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Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) at USU: Home

Copyright Clearance Center

Reasons to use the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)
  • You need to assemble a course pack and want to secure publisher permissions to distribute the material
  • You want to distribute handouts photocopied from a book to your classmates/students and wonder if you might need publisher permission first
  • There's an article you want to post on Sakai and are not sure if you need copyright permission

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, you will be pleased to know that USUHS holds an Annual Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). This license enables everyone at USUHS to reproduce and distribute copyrighted content - in both print and digital form - with the confidence that sharing is being done within copyright laws and USUHS guidelines.

This license provides faculty, librarians and research and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based copyrighted content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes.

Some common uses covered by the license include:
  • Coursepacks (print and electronic)
  • Classroom handouts
  • Library reserves (print and electronic)
  • Internal e-mail
  • Electronic course content (i.e., intranet and course management system postings)
  • Research collaboration
  • Administrative communications

Accessing and using the Copyright Clearance Center is easy
  1. Start at the Copyright Clearance Center Academic Right Find via the LRC.
  2. In the search box, enter the Title, ISSN... or PMID and select the appropriate option. Click 'Search CCC'.
  3. In the search results, the most frequently requested publications are displayed first. To view the coverage available for the permission types selected, click the 'View selected permissions options' link. Under the Annual License Options tab, you can confirm whether the title is covered by the license by a green check mark and the text, “Annual License – Academic.” You are now free to use the content under the terms of the license. Click the 'terms' link for specific information on the types of uses permitted.
NOTE: In the event a publication is not covered under the license, you can search for and obtain permissions using CCC’s Pay-Per-Use Services by clicking on the More permissions options link.


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