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USUHS LRC Update, Winter 2014: Home

A quarterly publication of the James A. Zimble Learning Resource Center

Every Necessary Care and Attention: George Washington and Medicine

This exhibition was developed and produced by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens.


An exhibition developed and produced by the Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine

As head of household, plantation owner, businessman, Revolutionary War general, and president, George Washington had many different concerns and responsibilities, from running his estate to ensuring the stability of a new nation. Alongside the traditional demands of political life and military leadership, he focused considerable attention on the health and safety of his family, staff, slaves, and troops.

The exhibition explores the story of George Washington’s own health and examines the ways in which he sought to safeguard the health and wellness of those under his care. Washington’s story illuminates the broader context of the experience of illness and the practice of medicine, which during his time was transitioning from a traditional healer craft to a profession.

“Every Necessary Care and Attention”: George Washington and Medicine is currently traveling around the United States. For more information, contact and visit us on the web at: 



CAC Readers Automate Late Night, Early Morning, Holiday, and Snow Day Access

The Learning Resource Center is changing how faculty, students, and staff access the library during unstaffed hours. Beginning January 2015, anyone who wants to use the LRC after-hours, before the library opens, on holidays, or during government closures and delays must use a registered card to enter the LRC. Card readers and electronic locks have been installed at the LRC’s door, controlling entrances and exits while the LRC is not staffed.

Before January,  a guard was stationed in the library while the LRC staff was off duty, providing 24-hour manned coverage of the library. Beginning January 1, however, entry and exit from the LRC is automated, controlled by a patron’s registered CAC. Anyone without a CAC will be issued a Proximity Card or All Token card by USU security instead. To enter or exit the library after-hours and during weekends, holidays, and government closures, users will need to scan their registered card at the library’s entrance. This change will provide more reliable access to the LRC in the event of delayed arrival or early departure announcements, snow days, and other government closures.

The LRC tested the new system over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. These days, during which the LRC was scheduled to be closed, users who had already registered a card were be able to use the library.

Faculty, students, and staff may register their CAC or request a Proximity or All Token card for LRC access by visiting the G-level security station from 0800 – 0900 every Tuesday. Beginning January 2, 2015, the LRC’s staffed hours will be from 0700 – 2300 Monday – Thursday and 0700 – 1700 on Friday.

LRC releases Dental Student Portal

Image of LRC Dental Student Portal

The LRC has produced a Dental Student Portal ( to provide electronic access to e-books, e-journals, and online resources of interest to USU’s Postgraduate Dental College. The portal, which was reviewed and revised by faculty in the Army, Navy, and Air Force Postgraduate Dental Schools, recommends apps, exam preparation materials, databases, and websites to students and faculty in the Postgraduate Dental College, with pages customized to the various programs supported by the College.

The Dental Student Portal is modeled on the LRC’s Medical Student Portal. It is the first major LRC research tool created and hosted on the library’s new content management system. Users will find many of the library’s familiar guides, including the Medical Student Portal, transferred to the new content management system in the upcoming weeks and months. The new system provides improved tools for displaying and managing information and integrates with the library's PowER Search feature.

Express Book Checkout


The LRC is introducing a new self-service Express Book Checkout station. Located next to the Circulation Desk, the station will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Express station will allow you to check out items from the LRC’s circulating collection at your convenience. All you’ll need is your USUHS ID badge.

The circulating collection is housed on the 3rd floor of the LRC and includes over 21,000 titles covering current and historical medical topics.

As always, LRC staff will be happy to assist you with checkouts at the Circulation Desk during service hours (0700–2300 Mondays–Thursdays; 0700–1700 Fridays). Outside of service hours, give the Express Book Checkout a try!


New Exhibit: Revolutionary Medicine

Coinciding with the NLM traveling exhibit, "Every Necessary Care & Attention: George Washington & Medicine," recently displayed in the LRC, the Archives has mounted a new display in January 2015 on medicine during the American Revolution. This exhibit showcases first person narratives of physicians from that period from the Archives' rare book collection. "Revolutionary Medicine" explores the major illnesses, battle wounds, and public health issues of the Revolutionary War as well as how they were treated.  

Painting depicting the battle of Bunker Hill


Collection of USU Theses and Dissertations Grows


The Archives continues to catalog and digitize the theses and dissertations of the School of Medicine, the USU Postgraduate Dental College, and the Graduate School of Nursing. Over the past few months, the Archives has added nearly 30 new theses/dissertations to the collection, including “Opinions on Suicide and Perceived Barriers To Care in a Sample of United States Marine Non-Commissioned Officers: Implications for Future Frontline Supervisors' Suicide Prevention Training Programs” by Marcus R. VanSickle and “Intracellular Signaling Defects Contribute to Th17 Dysregulation during HIV Infection” by Sandra Lynn Bixler. We are working closely with the Graduate School of Nursing to add older theses and dissertations to the collection that may have been overlooked in recent years.

The USU Theses and Dissertations Collection is available online at Bound copies of the theses and dissertations are also available for library use in the computer classroom on the first floor of the LRC.


Sorting Out PowerSearch, A-Z List, and Classic “ER” Tabs

Based on de-identified user data monitoring, we’ve noticed that there is still some confusion about our new and legacy searching tools in our Electronic Resources library portal.


Our new PowerSearch tab offers the ability to search for the actual full text content of journals or books to which we subscribe.  Much like a PubMed search, the phrase "virtual colonoscopy sensitivity” will produce a list of articles or book chapters that cover that topic with links to the full text.

Our new A-Z List tab helps users identify specific journal or book titles to which we subscribe.  The resulting list will provide links to the sites where the literature is published.  This tab is not helpful to search by subject or the full text. ------->  

Our legacy ER tab resembles the A-Z list to provide a quick title search as well as providing a home for established bookmarks to favorite publishing sites.  Like the A-Z list, this search is not appropriate for subjects, topics or full text searches.



NLM News

PubMed Central Citation Exporter (excerpt from NCBI News, Tuesday, December 9, 2014,

PubMed Central (PMC) has added a citation exporter, which makes it easy to retrieve styled citations that you can copy and paste into your manuscripts or download in a format compatible with your bibliographic reference manager software.

When viewing an Entrez search results page, each result summary includes a "Citation" link. When clicked, this will open a pop-up window that you can use to easily copy/paste citations formatted in one of three popular styles: AMA (American Medical Association), MLA (Modern Library Association), or APA (American Psychological Association). In addition, the box has links at the bottom that can be used to download the citation information in one of three machine-readable formats, which most bibliographic reference management software programs can import.

PubMed Mobile Update (excerpt from NCBI Technical Bulletin,

At the end of October, NCBI added new features to their PubMed Mobile site.  Highlights include a restyled homepage and modified query box. Auto-suggest has been added to the query box.

PubMed Commons comment indicators and “Related searches” have been added to the summary display. These comments have also been added to the abstract display. In addition, the abstract display includes collaborator names and multiple author affiliations under an open/close widget. The abstract display includes search links on author and collaborator names.

NLM Releases RxClass (excerpt from NCBI Technical Bulletin,

RxClass is a new application from researchers in the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications (LHNCBC) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). RxClass allows users to search and browse drug classes and their RxNorm drug members through a simple Web interface (see Figure 1). Unlike RxNav, a related application from NLM LHNCBC which focuses on browsing and searching individual RxNorm drugs, RxClass provides a class-centric view of the drug information in RxNorm.

Calendar Notes

Monday, February 16, 2015 is Washington's Birthday federal holiday.    The LRC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to patrons with a registered Common Access Card but the LRC staff will be unavailable during the holiday.

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