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Using LRC Study Room Monitors: Home

A Guide to using the monitors in the LRC Study Rooms for presentations, video etc.

About the Study Room Monitors

The monitors in the LRC Study Rooms are provided as a courtesy to allow our patrons to view presentations and video on a device large enough to be seen by an entire group during study sessions.  


Please turn off monitor when you're done using it.

Equipment Needed

Right now only laptop mirroring is supported.

An HDMI port on your device is recommended. However if your laptop only has a VGA video port, we can provide a VGA-HDMI converter. Please let the LRC AMI Computer Support Desk staff know if you require this equipment.

Macintosh owners whose devices don't include an HDMI or VGA port must provide their own port converter.

Please Note: 

Whenever a converter is used the mirrored image on the monitor may not fill the screen.

About the LRC

Please contact the LRC's reference department with questions or requests at

Conan Matthews