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Introduction to USU Information Resources: Home

An overview of the services and resources provided by the Learning Resource Center (LRC) at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)

Welcome to USU!

These pages are designed to help new USU faculty and students learn about the variety of information resources and services provided by the University's Learning Resource Center and Computer Help Desk.

The James A. Zimble Learning Resource Center (LRC) is the University's library. The LRC is your gateway to databases, electronic books and journals, information management and search training, and print resources provided by USU. The LRC also provides access to the University's Archives and provides support accessing the LRC's resources.

The UIS Help Desk is the University's "First Stop for Technology Help." Located in the lobby of Bldg D, the ARCS One-Stop provides a central location for students, faculty, and staff to receive face-to-face technology consultations, support and training.

LRC Access

*LRC hours comply with OPM or USU guidelines during inclement weather.

During the LRC's normal service hours, anyone on the USU campus may visit the library and use LRC resources. The LRC can be accessed 24/7 with an ID card (CAC, Alt-Token, or PAC) that has been registered by USU security for the expressed purpose of LRC after-hours access. In addition, the LRC’s website provides access to library electronic resources at all times.

Register for All-Hours Access

Use a registered CAC to enter or exit the LRC during unstaffed hours. 

To register your CAC:

  • Where: Building B, Ground Level (USU Security Concierge Desk / USU Welcome Center)
  • When: Mondays - Fridays (0600-1600)

Please contact Physical Security at with any enrollment questions.

Tips for Entering LRC via CAC Reader

Entering & Exiting the LRC using the Card Reader

Before a CAC, Proximity Card or Alt Token card can be used to enter or exit the LRC after staffed hours, the card must be registered with USU's security department.

Using your CAC to Access the LRC

1. Place your card (CAC, Alt-Token, or PAC) with the magnetic strip against the reader. 

  • When using a CAC, the photo on the card will be facing outwards.
  • For best results, hold the card vertically and ensure the entire magnetic strip is touching or within 1.0 cm of the reader.

2. Hold the card against the reader until the light bar changes color.

  • Cards may require 4 - 10 seconds to be read.
  • When the reader’s light bar is red or yellow, access is not permitted. When the light bar turns green, access is allowed.

3. Only the door nearest the circulation desk will unlock.

4. To reduce the chance of generating a system error, scan the card both when you enter and exit the LRC, even if the library is fully open and the doors are unlocked.

Problems exiting or entering the LRC?

If your CAC has not been registered or is malfunctioning and not allowing you to enter or exit, phone security at 301-295-3038 to be buzzed in or out of the LRC.

Contact the LRC

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Telephone: (301) 295-3350

Welcome to the LRC: Presentation

LRC Electronic Resources at a Glance

To use the LRC's electronic resources, you must have a user account with the LRC.

Below are a few of the LRC's most popular resources:

In addition, the LRC provides training and technical support for USU's site license for EndNote.

LRC Services at a Glance

The LRC offers the following services:

  • Computer Workstations, including Macs and Windows machines, and scanning stations. Log-in is required.
  • Computer Support from the library's help desk, covering many frequent software problems, including Sakai support.
  • Inter-library loan to provide books, book chapters, and journal articles we don't own.
  • Document delivery to provide electronic delivery of content we have in print, for off campus students and faculty.
  • Instructional Classes to support the USU curriculum at the request of faculty and staff covering Evidence Based Practices, PubMed searching, EndNote, and many other library topics.
  • Reference Services provide trained librarians to help you develop and execute a search strategy and manage your results.
  • On-Demand Training sessions scheduled to meet the requests of small groups of students, staff, or departments.
  • Brown Bag Sessions covering Evidence Based Medicine, systematic reviews, major databases (including PubMed, EMBASE, and CINAHL), EndNote, and many other topics.
  • University Archives houses important documents from the history of the University. Dissertations and Theses placed on file with the library have been digitized and placed online.

Creating an LRC User Account

You can register to use the LRC's website in several minutes, but please allow our staff up to 2 business days to confirm your account information and activate privileges.

OCIO One-Stop

The OCIO One-Stop provides a central location for students, faculty, and staff to receive face-to-face technology consultations, support and training.

There are several help options available from the ARCS One-Stop:

  • Email the ARCS help Desk:
  • Helpline - Call 301-295-9800 (0600-1700)
  • In-Person Visit: Visit One-Stop at the ground floor Bldg D for face-to-face help. (0600-1700)

One Stop Google Apps for Government

USU uses Google not only for e-mail services, but for a variety of other online applications which, together, comprise a comprehensive suite of everyday office applications that handle word processing, spreadsheets, slides, websites, discussion groups, and even surveys.

One Stop Online Training Library

One Stop Software Documentation Library

Poll Everywhere System

James A. Zimble Learning Resource Center • 4301 Jones Bridge Rd. Bethesda, MD 20814 • Main Number: 301-295-3189 • AMI Helpdesk: 301-295-3358

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