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Open Access Publishing for USUHS Faculty and Researchers: DTIC Journal Article Submissions

Public Access Mandate

Publication Process

DTIC Manuscript Workflow

Author's Initial Manuscript

  • Completed OPSEC/PAO Review (PREPRINT) -- Approved for public releases and sent to publisher
  • Publisher sent out for peer-review -- Revised
  • Publisher completed editorial review -- Revised
  • Author final galley review -- Approved
  • Submit only if Author's Final Manuscript is not available*

Final Manuscript [Submit to DTIC]

  • Final peer-reviewed refereed manuscript
  • Pre-publication
  • Meets Public Access Directive
  • 12-month embargo before full text is released to the public.

Publishers' Version

  • Postprint or Reprint
  • As published
  • Submit only if Author's Final Manuscript is not available*
  • Not released to the public, only available to DTIC registered users

What's the difference between a final peer-reviewed/refereed manuscript and a final published article?

  • Final peer-reviewed manuscript (Author's Final Manuscript): The author's final manuscript of a peer-reviewed paper accepted for journal publication including all modifications from the peer review process.
  • Final published article (Publisher's Version): The journal's authoritative copy of the paper, including all modifications from the published peer-review process, copy and stylistic edits, and formatting changes.


Publisher Collaboration

  • DTIC agreed to cease displaying the full-text of publishers' versions on its public site.
    • Open access articles will be available in full-text.
    • The journal/publisher claims copyright to published articles.
    • Legacy documents that have been processed will be left "as is."
  • DTIC will instead display a prominent link to the publisher's site within PubDefense (
  • After a 12-month embargo DTIC will display the Author's Final Manuscript on its public site.

How & Where to Submit

  1. Go to
    • Note: It is a good idea to have open a downloaded PDF copy of the article you want to submit. You will be able to copy/paste from the article into the DTIC submission form.
  2. Click 'Submit Documents'
    • Please note, you will be prompted to 'Sign In' (CAC required). If you have not done this, click 'Sign In' to register using your CAC.
  3. Click 'Technical Reports, journal articles, security classification guides, etc.'
  4. Click 'Technical Reports' to begin the submission process. Please note, there are three sections:
    • Submitter, Author & Performer
      • Note: The 'submitter' does not have to be an author.
      • Note: 'Add Performing Organization': To save time, you can enter the Source code: 393519
    • Document & Funding
      • Note: For 'Document Type': If you uploaded 'Author's Final Draft', select 'Journal Aritcle - Embargoed Full-Text,' and for 'Document SubType,' select 'Authors Final Manuscript.'
      • Note: 'Web Publication Date' is a required field. If you are unsure about the date, enter 01/01/current year, e.g., 01/01/2021.
    • Distribution & Controlling

For detailed instructions on how to submit your articles to DTIC, please read the tutorial listed below:

James A. Zimble Learning Resource Center • 4301 Jones Bridge Rd. Bethesda, MD 20814 • Main Number: 301-295-3189 • AMI Helpdesk: 301-295-3358

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