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EndNote: Finding Full Text

An online guide for obtaining and using EndNote.

How to Add Full-text to Your References

EndNote X20 can automatically search for full-text to attach PDFs and links. While EndNote cannot find all full-text materials at this time, this feature may save you time.

  1. Highlight a selection of references from your library, using Ctrl (Cmd) key..
  2. Click on the Find Full Text icon, or click the References tab to select Find Full Text. EndNote will locate and attach files that are available for free on the web.
    • EndNote only locates and attaches files that are available for free on the Internet. It does not search materials in the LRC’s licensed content.
    • Finding full-text feature can be a slow process. To prevent your system from freezing, try searching for full-text on small batches of articles at a time.
  3. Under Find Full Text in the Groups panel (left side), you will see EndNote searching to locate the full-text and either attach the PDF, import the URL or indicate which ones were not found.

Set Preferences to Improve Full-text Retrieval

  1. To improve the full-text retrieval of PDFs, go to EndNote Preferences (under Edit on Windows or EndNote X20 on Mac) and select Find Full Text:
    • Make sure that the box is checked for PubMed LinkOut (National Library of Medicine)
    • In the Open URL Path box, enter the following
      • (For Main users):
      • (For PDC users):
    • In the Authenticate with URL box, enter:
  2. Click Save.

Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references

It may seem like a good decision to check this box. However, it can really slow the import process, especially when you are importing a large number of references from a database (e.g., PubMed). Also, attaching PDFs for every reference in your library will take up memory and space since PDFs files are not necessarily small files.

EndNote Technical Support

The LRC Reference staff will be happy to assist you with your EndNote questions.

You may also contact EndNote Technical Support:

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