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LRC Website Home: Physical Space

COVID-19 LRC Operations


Learn more about LRC operations during USU Return to Campus Plan Phase 2

*Exceptions: Those with offices inside the LRC or work assignments related to security, construction, or housekeeping activities.

New Reservation System. 100 seat Capacity!

Study rooms/S-Curve tables: select Capacity = "1-4." 

Study table, carrel, or computer workstation: select Capacity = "Single Space Booking."

CAC Registration

Use a registered CAC to enter or exit the LRC during unstaffed hours. 

To register your CAC:

  • Where: Building B, Ground Level (USU Security Window)
  • When: Mondays - Fridays (0730-1300)

Please contact Physical Security at with any enrollment questions.

Computers, Printers & Scanners

Computer Workstations:

PC Workstations: 76 (70 on .edu, 6 on .mil)

Mac Workstations: 10


Scanning Stations: 8 (4 PC, 4 Mac)


Color: 1

Black & White: 1


.edu printers: 7

.mil printers: 2

WiFi printers: 3

LRC Photo Tour

A picture of the front entry doors to the Learning Resource Center. The CAC Reader is to the left of the open door.

The front door of the LRC

The front entry doors of the Learning Resource Center. The CAC reader for after-hours entry is to the left of the doorway. 

An overhead view of the LRC Circulation Desk.

The Circulation Desk

The LRC Circulation Desk.

A view of the first floor of the LRC, showing study tables and carrels.

Study Tables and Carrels

Group study tables and individual study carrels on the first floor of the LRC.

An overhead view of the first floor study carrels and the medal display case.

Study Carrels

Individual study carrels and the medal display case on the LRC's first floor. 

A bookshelf of textbooks for medical and nursing students.

Textbook Corner

Textbooks available for use by medical and nursing students while in the LRC. Featured here are textbooks for nursing students. 

A group study table and the LRC display cases.

Group Study Table, Medical Student Book Corner, and LRC Displays

A group study table, the medical student textbook corner, and the LRC Display Cases. 

AMI Help Desk

AMI Help Desk

Visit the AMI Help Desk for library-related technical support.

A view from the back of the LRC Computer Classroom, showing rows of computers.

The LRC Computer Classroom

The LRC Computer Classroom is located at the back of the first floor of the LRC. 

The hall to the LRC public restrooms.

The LRC Public Restrooms

The LRC public restrooms are located on the first floor, past the Computer Classroom.

A picture of study tables on the second floor.

Second Floor Study Desks

Group and individual study tables on the second floor.  

A picture of a couch and desk combination for group and individual study on the second floor.

Study Couch

Couch combination with stand up desks for group and individual study on the second floor.

A picture of individual stand up desks on the second floor.

Stand Up Desks on the Second Floor

Individual study stand up desks located on the second floor near balcony.  

The door of a second floor study room.

Front Door of Study Room

Study rooms located on the second floor for group and individual study. 

A picture of the inside of a study room on the second floor.

Inside of Group Study Room

Study rooms are available for group and individual study. Televisions with attached HDMI cords are available for students to use as a study tool. 

A picture of the book collection on the second floor.

Second Floor Books

Historical and general collection books are located on the second floor. Books are available for patrons to check out at the circulation desk. 

A picture of the second floor balcony.

Second Floor Balcony

The second floor balcony can be utilized from 07:00-16:00. 

James A. Zimble Learning Resource Center • 4301 Jones Bridge Rd. Bethesda, MD 20814 • Main Number: 301-295-3189 • AMI Helpdesk: 301-295-3358