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Introduction to NCBI Bioinformatics Resources: Protein Search

A concise introduction to the various bioinformatic data available from NCBI.

Searching for Protein Information

NCBI Protein

Continuing the example used in the Gene discussion, we will use the protein product that is expressed by the LCT gene.

We could use the same strategy that we used previously (that is, PubMed and then used Related Date to Find protein records), but this time we will start in the Protein database.

Our Search is for lactase AND human[Organism] :


The results returned must be analyzed closely in order to insure the best answer.

These are 3 records that are strong candidates.  The way to pick the correct record is to look for the curated item - the only one with an accession number the begins with NP_. 

Choosing #8 returns the following record:

This record shows both the version and the curated record for the mRNA (starting with MN_).

Using the Go to: link, you can now get the amino acid sequence:

We could also get here directly from the Gene record of the previous example:



If there is an experimentally determined Structure for the protein available, a thumbnail of the structure would appear. 

Structure Information - Getting started with Structure information