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Introduction to NCBI Bioinformatics Resources: BLASTP Protein Sequence Search

A concise introduction to the various bioinformatic data available from NCBI.

Protein Example

BLASTP Example

This illustration shows how to search for a protein sequence using BLASTP.

You can start from the NCBI BLAST home page:

Or, you can run BLASTP directly from the RefSeq protein record as in the previous examples:

At the BLASTP page you can search by RefSeq for the protein or by amino acid sequence.


1. RefSeq:



Search by amino acid sequence. From the bottom of the Gene record:

Capture the amino acid sequence by clicking on the CDS link and then cut&paste into the BLASTP search screen:



In either case, choosing the non-redundant protein sequences (nr) database (the default), will return the largest candidate list

Conserved Domains

An important result from the BLASTP search results are the Conserved Domains that are found for this protein:


Analyzing BLAST Results

Analysis of the rest of the BLASTP results are discussed in the BLAST Results page: View BLAST Results