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About the LRC: Donation FAQs

Donation FAQs

May I drop off books at the LRC?

No. Please do not drop off or mail books to the LRC without prior authorization.

Please refer to the steps on this page ("How to Donate to the LRC") for the proper procedure.

Are donations tax deductible?

Please refer to the Summary of the USU Gift Program document available on this page for information from the USU Office of General Counsel on this topic. We recommend you consult a tax advisor. Note that USU and the LRC cannot provide a valuation of any donated items.

Why Can't the LRC Accept Donations Without a Gift Offer Letter?

It has come to our attention that the authority to accept donations rests with the Secretary of Defense. Therefore, all offers of donations to the LRC (and to USU) must be approved by the DoD.