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Purchase Requests [Main]: Purchase Requests

Purchase Request Link

To recommend an entire ebook, print book, journal subscription or other resource, please complete the form linked on the "Purchase Request" button.

Note: For individual articles or book chapters, please complete an ILL request. 

About Purchase Requests

What Are Purchase Requests?

Purchase requests are a service the LRC offers to allow you to recommend new resources for the LRC collections. When there is a resource you require and it is not already available in the LRC collections, submit a purchase request and we will consider purchasing it or subscribing to it.

How do I submit a purchase request?

  • Click on the Purchase Request link on this page and fill out the form, or
  • Contact LRC staff

What types of resources should I use purchase requests for?

Submit a purchase request when you want the LRC to add to our collections:

  • an entire book (physical or online)
  • a journal subscription 
  • a collection of books and/or journals
  • a database, website, or other online tool

What types of resources are not appropriate for purchase requests?

  • For individual journal articles, use interlibrary loan (ILL) instead.
  • For individual book chapters, use interlibrary loan (ILL) instead.
  • For software, contact the USU One-Stop Service Center.

How long does a purchase request take?

The turnaround time for a purchase request varies widely, from a week to a year or more! It depends on the type of resource and whether it can be acquired using a government purchase card (GPC) or if a contracting process is required. For all types of resources, the LRC must follow federal and DoD purchasing regulations. For some resources, it is a lengthy process involving stakeholders throughout USU (Finance, Contracting, Acquisitions, Chief Information Office).

The LRC is typically unable to make any purchases from early August through early October as USU transitions from one fiscal year to the next.

As a faculty member, should I request books that I want to include in a course syllabus?

Yes! We encourage all USU faculty to contact us with course reading lists. LRC staff do not automatically have access to USU course syllabi -- you must supply this information to us yourself.

We are happy to review your reading lists to verify whether the books or journals are already available in the LRC collections or if they need to be purchased. 

Please contact us:

  • at least two months prior to the start date of each course with a list of the reading materials they plan to assign to students. 
  • by June, for courses starting in the late summer or fall (we are unable to make any purchases from early August through early October due to the fiscal year turnover).