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American Civil War Materials: Subject Guide

This is a guide to the materials in the USU Archives relating to the American Civil War.


Search for rare books, manuscript collections, and other archival material in the LRC catalog.


Search for digitized selections from the USU Archives, including documents, photographs, and full text rare books and manuscript material.

About the American Civil War Materials in the USU Archives

The USU Archives has a number of items relating to the American Civil War across various collections. These materials include publications and reports by the U.S. Sanitary Commission, memoirs by doctors and nurses, correspondence, and numerous books about various subjects relating to medicine during and after the war. 

Civil War Materials in the LRC Catalog

Rare Book Collection

The links below are a selection of the books about the American Civil War that have been scanned by the Archives. Other volumes can be viewed and downloaded by searching the Archives' digital collection under the heading Military Medical History Documents, and the rare book collection can be searched via the LRC Catalog. 

LRC History Collection

The LRC History Collection also contains material related to the American Civil War. The catalog records of selected materials are linked below. Additional material on this topic can be located by searching the LRC Catalog. 

Sanitary Commission Materials

The USU Archives has a number of materials relating to the  U.S. Sanitary Commission. The  Sanitary Commission was founded in 1861, a private relief agency created to support ill and wounded soldiers of the Union Army during the Civil War. 

The Subject Guide to the USU Archives Sanitary Commission Materials is linked below. 

Dr. Robert J.T. Joy Collection

Dr. Robert J.T. Joy (JL, MD, COL, MC, ret), is a Professor Emeritus in the USU Department of Medical History. He became the first professor and Chair of the Department of Military Medicine at USU in 1976, positions he held until 1981. In 1981 Dr. Joy retired from the Army and founded the USU Department of Medical History, where he served as Chair until 1996. Dr. Joy also served as first USU Commandant from 1976-1981.
Throughout his career, Dr. Joy gave lectures on a variety of medical and historical topics, including the Civil War. Notes, slides, and other material from these lectures can be found in the Dr. Robert J.T. Joy Papers in the USU Archives. The finding aid for this collection is linked below.

J.H. Britton Letter

This letter is written by J.H. Britton, superintendent and director of the General Hospital of Nashville, Tennessee to Brigadier General J.F. Miller to ask that the court house and churches of Nashville be turned over to the Medical Department to be converted into hospitals for use during the Civil War. The letter is dated December 15, 1864. The back of the letter contains J.F. Miller’s response which granted J.H. Britton permission to seize any buildings that he may require to be used for hospitals. The response is dated December 16, 1864. The finding aid for this collection is linked below.

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