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e-Resources in Teaching: Requesting e-resources not licensed by the LRC

A quick introduction to integrating e-textbooks into the USU curriculum.


E-book licenses can be complicated. There are limitations on the vendors the University can practically use, varying restrictions on the number of concurrent users who may access a title, and rules on downloading and saving content. The LRC staff will:

  • investigate whether we can license the e-book
  • Email you updates on the process
  • Send you the link once it becomes available (or, notify you that it’s not available)

Requesting an e-book (or other e-content) through the LRC


Please allow at least 6 - 10 weeks

Note: the LRC is usually unable to make any purchases in August and September.

If an e-book can not be accommodated by the LRC's budget, additional time and conversations may be required. 

Have a syllabus? Email it to us!