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e-Resources in Teaching: Copyright Rules for Course Reserves

A quick introduction to integrating e-textbooks into the USU curriculum.

Copyright for Electronic Reserves

There is no distinction between hard copy reserves and electronic reserves when it comes to copyright rules. The same "fair use" guidelines apply to e-reserves.  

All materials placed on Electronic Reserve will be at the initiative of individual faculty solely for the non-commercial, educational use of their students. 

E-Reserve requests should include primary instructor, class number, title, start and end date, and class description (optional). 

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FAQs for Electronic Reserves

Can I place a LRC hard copy book on reserve? 

Only 10% or one chapter of a book will be permitted on E-Reserve within the same semester. 

Are electronic books the LRC owns available for E-Reserve? 

The link to any E-book the LRC owns can be placed on the E-Reserve page. Limits of one to three concurrent users exist for some E-Books. There is no 10% or one chapter limit for E-Books owned by the LRC. 

What is the procedure for hard copy and e-books the LRC does not own?  

The LRC will purchase a hard copy book or e-book whenever possible, however the process may take many weeks. We encourage faculty to contact the LRC at least two months before the start of the course to ensure titles are available. 

Can electronic journals and hard copy journals the LRC owns be placed on E-Reserve? 

Links to electronic journals the LRC owns can be placed on E-Reserve. Hard copy journals the LRC owns can be scanned and placed on E-Reserve. 

Can the LRC place journal titles not licensed by the LRC on E-Reserve?

The LRC will try to purchase any desired journal article. Articles will be placed on E-Reserve provided a Copyright Clearance Center license allows the title. We encourage faculty to contact the LRC at least two months before the start of the course to ensure articles are available. 

Will I be able to place an Interlibrary Loan article on E-Reserve? 

We allow the first article from a journal title obtained via ILL to be placed on E-Reserve (provided that the journal is listed as a Copyright Clearance Center licensed title). Subsequent articles from that journal title should be purchased through the publisher before submitting an Interlibrary Loan to be placed on E-Reserve.

"Instructors have limited access to Interlibrary Loan (ILL) as a source for articles or book chapters placed on E-Reserve. If a title is covered by the University's Copyright Clearance Center's license for E-Reserves, the first article from that journal title may be obtained by ILL and placed on E-Reserve. Additional articles will need to be purchased. Book chapters are limited, under fair use rules, to one chapter or 10% of the book. The book chapter may also be obtained via ILL."  (Alison Rollins, LRC Director)

Can I place materials on E-Reserve permanently?

Materials placed on E-Reserve will be made available for students and faculty only while the requesting instructor is actually teaching the course, and will be removed after the course is no longer in session. This allows the LRC to reassess copyright for E-Reserve materials that may be needed again for future use.