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e-Resources in Teaching: Adding e-resources to your LMS: Canvas

A quick introduction to integrating e-textbooks into the USU curriculum.


ETI recommends that e-resources (assigned e-books or e-articles) be linked on either the Canvas Syllabus page or on the modules page as an external link (Fig 1 & Fig 2). Please see "Additional Info" in sidebar for detailed instructions.

Fig. 1 - Image of a Canvas Course Syllabus with a permalink to an e-textbook

Figure 1: A perma-linked e-textbook in a Canvas LMS Syllabus section.

Fig 2: Image of a permalinked e-resource in a Modules section of the Canvas LMS

Figure 2: A permalinked e-textbook in a Canvas LMS Modules page

We also suggest that you include the permalink to the resource on the course syllabus file (i.e. .doc/.pdf).