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e-Resources in Teaching: Adding e-resources to your LMS: Sakai

A quick introduction to integrating e-textbooks into the USU curriculum.


ETI recommends that e-resources (assigned e-books or e-articles) be linked on either the Sakai Syllabus page or on a Lessons page as a Content Link or from the Rich Text Editor. We also suggest you include the permalink to the resource on the course syllabus file (i.e. .doc or .pdf).

Add link to Syllabus Page

To add an e-resource link to your syllabus, go to the Syllabus page, select Add Item. Please see Additional Information in the sidebar for detailed instructions.
Example of Posting the E-Book Link on the Course Syllabus Page

Figure 1: A permalinked e-textbook in a Sakai LMS Syllabus section.

Add link to Lessons Page

You may add a permalink to a lessons page using one of two options:

Option 1: Use the Add Content Links tool:
Example of Posting the E-Book Link on a Lessons page using the Add Content Links tool

Figure 1: A permalinked e-textbook in a Sakai Lessons page as a content link

Option 2: Add a link in the Rich Text Editor

Figure 2: Example of Posting the e-Book Link on a Lessons Page using the Rich Text Editor